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Welcome to My Paintball Tips – which is really YOUR Paintball tips!

Here you will find information to enhance your game, as well as all kinds of other information related to Paintball.

My name is Bryan and I served in the Army.  I have always been attracted to Paintball sports, war games, lazer tag and similar activities. 

Now I have a full time job, and Paintball is how I stay connected to my passion outside work.

I love studying the game, playing it, trying out different equipment, cleaning and maintaining it and helping others do the same. 

The website was created because my friends kept asking me for Paintball related advice – so I thought there must be many more across the country that need the same.

I am very passionate about the sport, which is growing leaps and bounds (can someone say Olympics?).  The information on this website is from my own experiences, as well as those of my friends who I play with. 

I will discuss strategies, best Paintball equipment, provide reviews of Paintball gear, Paintball fields around the country, travel information, how to get your friends interested in it, etc.

This website is for you if you are interested in Paintball.  Whether you are just now learning the game, or are a seasoned veteran, I guarantee you that you will learn something useful from the information on this website.

Some topics you can expect to read about are the following:

I guarantee you will enjoy the information I have put together for you on this website.  I write about new developments as I learn about them all the time so come back every once in a while for new stuff.

The best way to stay up to date with new info is to sign up for the free Paintball Tips Newsletter that I publish - sign up on the top right hand side of the site to get your Freebies!  I will send you all kinds of cool tips to enhance your Paintball game, where to get good deals, how to maintain your equipment etc. all for free!

Good luck to you and you’re here’s to your Paintball success!

-Bryan Birch




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