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32 Degrees Paintball, unlike most others discussed here, is a company that deals primarily in protection for your paintball games.

They have just about anything you could need and more, and for the most part it could be considered as cheap paintball equipment.

It is highly recommended that if you are playing paintball on a regular basis or are on a team that you check out their available items.

Even if they are not necessarily needed, they can greatly enhance your game, making them well worth looking at.

As for some of the things they offer, they include:

  • Paintball chest protectors – these range from just heavy clothing to actual vests, and are mostly around the same price.
  • The vest would be used more towards being the good team in a team-based game, as it looks somewhat like the ones police use. They even come in camouflage!
  • Neck protectors and neck pads – these are designed to help protect your neck from damage. Although it is a small area, taking a paintball to the neck could cause serious harm or death, making these protectors an important part of your game.
  • Paintball goggles – these are as important as the other protection as they protect your eyes from being hit directly and from getting paint splatter on them. 

32 Degrees Paintball

Along with the actual gear that 32 Degrees Paintball sells, they also sell additions for the gear you already have.

These include things like bottles of “Anti-fog spray,” which is good because it keeps your goggles from getting cloudy during your games.

They also sell items like lense covers, cloths, and cleaners.

All of these help your game by giving you the visibility you need during your gaming. For a full list of everything 32 Degrees Paintball offers, request one of their free paintball equipment catalogs.

If you are ready to purchase some of their paintball equipment, you can do so at both online and offline paintball stores.

There are many to choose from and most stores should have at least some of their gear available.

You can also ask around to different teams and other paintball players if you are interested in learning more about the available gear and to get reviews of it.


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