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You might already know a bit about me from reading the home page of this website. My name is, my name is . . .  ma name is Slim Shay-dee . . nah just kidding.  I am Bryan Birch and I love Paintball.

I live, eat, breathe, sleep, dream, bleed and likely will die Paintball one day! I love it so much that I own pretty much every single paintball related equipment that you can think off. Although I am not the best paintball player (or Paint-BALLER), I try my best to do well.  I have also been working on my skillz non stop and have gotten a lot better over the years.

A lot of the love I have for the game of paintball comes from my experience in the Military. Yes, I was part of the US Army and served my time both state-side and overseas.  I had a great time in the Army, and Paintball is one way I have managed to continue living some aspects of the military life - the thrill, adrenaline rush, camaraderie, training, physical activity and love for gadgets.

Over the years playing paintball, I have travelled across the country and have made some very good friends who are all into paintball.  They always encouraged me to start a website because they claim I know a lot about Paintball. Well Wallah, in 2010 I finally decided to "pull the trigger" and launch this website which consists of everything related to paintball.

My goal? Make myself and everyone else a more educated and better paintballer. And I want to do it all 100% free by charging you nothing for all this information! I am hopeful that you find it informative and helpful.

If you want to contact me, the best way is by email. However, please understand that I may be slow in getting back to you due to the overwhelming amount of email received daily from loyal readers like you!

Please email me at Bryan [at] MyPaintballTips [dot] com (replace the [at] with “@” and [dot] with “.”). If you are unfamiliar with listing emails this way, it’s designed to help stop spambots from “harvesting” my email.

Looking forward to interacting with you and I hope you found my website helpful!

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