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Angel paintball markers are not for entry-level players or for those who do not take the game of paintball seriously.

They are one of the more expensive brands (unlike the Spyder paintball marker) but they have their reasons.

One of the best parts about the Angel paintball markers is that unlike most paintball guns, they can be customized with graphics.

Rather than just doing a straight color change of your weapon they can air brush real pictures and graphics on to them.

If this doesn't scream the word “unique” I don't know what does!

Angel Paintball Marker

A turn-off when it comes to Angel is that they do not offer any type of sniper paintball marker. Although not all players are interested in these, they are usually seen as being a justification for a higher price.

But with the Angel paintball markers, the higher prices are representative of their technology put into the normal rifles. Just one of the many benefits that you will find with Angel rifles is that they have sealed breeches.

What this means is that when a paintball is being lodged into the chamber, you do not have any dust or debris going in along with it. This cuts down on both the cleaning time and the damage done to your rifle during your paintball games.

A common problem with automatic paintball guns is that they end up breaking paintballs due to attempting to fire faster than they can load the paintballs. The Angel line comes with a break-beam that keeps the weapon from firing until a paintball is fully lodged into the chamber.

This keeps there from being any breakage! Keep in mind that low quality paintballs can still blow up in the chamber due to thin walls.

Angel markers will be found in all sorts of paintball wars. They are great for any type of combat and game and can be used on all (if not all, almost all) fields without any issues.

They are a very well known brand and as such have a great reputation amongst players and fields. So if you are a serious paintball player and you have the money to spend, it is highly recommended that you check out their line of automatic paintball guns to see if any match your needs.

When you find one look for good prices so you can get a cheap Angel paintball gun. You won't regret it!


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