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Semi or Automatic Paintball Guns

The autococker paintball gun is by far the most widely used one today.

These are paintball guns that only require cocking before the first shot and after you replace the CO2 cartridge or tank.

These are extremely efficient and come in two forms: the fully Automatic Paintball Gun and the semi-automatic.

At first glance it may be a little confusing as to the difference (as some people have never heard of guns you must cock with each shot) so an example to help relate it to another item would be comparing it to a crossbow.

Another would be a shotgun.

Both of these are slow at firing because of their mechanism.

With the autococker gun you just fire over and over without having to keep taking breaks (unless, of course, you run out of air or paintballs).

I really can't see any reason to use any weapon that is not semi or fully automatic during paintball games. I have yet to find any paintball rules that forbid them, and that includes the local and national tournaments.


There are some differences, however, with the semi and fully automatic weaponry. First of all, let's look at the semi-automatic:

  • Fires once with every trigger pull so it's much easier to conserve ammo
  • Generally more accurate since you don't have to remove your finger as soon as you shoot, nor do you have to worry about doing double or triple-shots
  • Allowed in most, if not all games, tournaments, and fields. This is the most common type of paintball gun so you really shouldn't run into any complications

And now the fully automatic:

  • You can “spray” (shoot a lot of) paintballs at your enemies – this is the most common use for autococker paintball guns
  • Less accuracy needed due to having such a high rate of fire
  • Not always allowed in all games or tournaments. It is highly advised to check with the fields you plan to play on before you try to use it
  • Very easy to run out of ammo with due to the high firing rate

As you can see, both of these have positives and negatives. Each one is good in some situations and bad in others. One thing is for sure though; you want an autococker paintball gun instead of a full-on manual one!

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