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An Automatic Paintball Gun

Is It Always a Good Idea? What are the Alternatives?

An Automatic Paintball Gun may seem like only fun and games, but there are things to know about them before going out and purchasing one.

This is especially true if you are planning to play in Paintball Games or Paintball Tournament.

First let us look at how they fire compared to normal weapons.

Unlike guns that only fire one shot at a time, the Automatic Paintball Gun is one that fires extremely quick, as long as you are holding the trigger.

Although this seems like what you want, it's not always true.

Let's look at the following scenario for an example:

So you're out in the field and you have one weapon – your Automatic Paintball Gun.

You have an enemy player that is chasing you and you have to fire back while running. The thing to consider here is that due to the nature of the weapon, there is going to be a lot more kick while shooting.

So while you are shooting, your weapon is constantly hindering your balance, and can cause you to trip, or if nothing else will generally lower your accuracy. So as you're shooting your enemy stops for a second, fires and hits you.

As you can see, there are some situations where the automatic weaponry is not what you want to use. Some times it does help are in the following:

  • If you don't move while firing. You never want to run while firing it, as your accuracy decreases greatly (it will anyways, but not as much)

  • Never use it against one player unless you plan to try and just fire a few shots. These are more effective against groups of players where you need to spray fire.

  • Ensure that you brace yourself as much as possible before firing.

Automatic Paintball Gun

Along with the positives and negatives to the weapon, there is also the fact that at some fields using this are against the Paintball Rules. It is extremely important that you read through (or at least ask about) the rules ahead of time.

You don't want to embarrass yourself by breaking them! If the rules allow it, and you decide to use one, you will need to remember to bring a lot of paintballs and air. Automatic weapons suck through both extremely quick.

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