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Automatic Paintball Guns

Learn The Benefits - Why It Is Good For You

Okay, okay, I know we have all enjoyed the thought of Automatic Paintball Guns, haven't we?

What is not enticing about the idea of holding down a trigger and having our weapon spit out one paintball after another without having to keep pulling the trigger over and over?

After-all, the more trigger pulling we do, the more tired we get, and the quicker we have to take a break from our favorite sport, right?

But is this completely positive or are there negatives attached as well?

Let's take a look.

Automatic Paintball Guns

When it comes to the pros of this, we have to consider things like faster firing, less trigger pulling, and less need to be accurate (if we are spraying paintballs, why do we need to be accurate?). These are all true but they also have opposites to them. These include things such as:

  • The Paintball Rules of many Paintball Tournaments will not allow fully Automatic Paintball Guns. Due to their nature they grant a very unfair advantage over players who do not have them

  • It becomes even more important to use good paintballs. No more looking for Cheap Paintballs. Although these are bad to begin with, they are even worse in automatics due to how fast they fire

  • More paintballs will be shot out of the weapon. This one seems pretty obvious but many people do not consider the fact that this also increases the cost of paintballing. Although you are able to shoot a lot faster, you also run out a lot faster. Not only can this cause you to be out of ammo when you most need it, but it will also cost you more money in the long-run

As you can see, when shopping for Paintball Guns, going for the Automatic Paintball Guns is not always the best decision. It depends more on what you plan to use it for than anything else, and to use them effectively requires the ability to manage your ammunition.

If you are out on the field and have no paintballs left, it does not matter that you have not been tagged “out” yet because you still won't be able to defend yourself (unless you are using things like mines and grenades, but in this case those do not really count).

The moral of the story is to understand what you are getting into ahead of time. Don't just jump out and get an automatic marker just because it is automatic and you think it would be “cool.” The “cool” weapons are the ones that help you win your games!

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