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A question I am commonly asked is “what is the best paintball gun?” I always end up giving the same answer, usually revolving around “...for who?”

It may seem like I am being rude when I answer that way, but it is a serious question. Let's look at why.

I personally think the best paintball gun is the paintball sniper rifle.

It's the weapon I am the most effective with, making it the best for me.

I have seen others, however, that couldn't use a sniper rifle to save their lives.

They may be better with pistols, bazookas, or maybe even gatling guns. I, on the other hand, am much less effective with all of the above (except, on occasion, pistols).

best paintball gun

When trying to determine which is the best paintball gun for you, you should look at a variety of different factors:

  • Which do you get the “awe” factor from? Which of the paintball guns do you look at and just think “man, that's awesome!”
  • Which are you the most effective with? It doesn't necessarily mean you always get your kill or you always win your games, but which one do you seem to do better with than any of the others?
  • Which weapon seems the most natural to you? Being comfortable with your weapon of choice is extremely important as it will enhance your game greatly
  • Are you interested in special guns like the military replica paintball guns?

For me, I like to use my sniper rifle along with both paintball grenades and paintball mines. I use the grenades when I need to attack from over a hill, around a building, or even inside a building.

The mines are priceless for anyone using a sniper rifle because you can set them up around your hiding area so if anyone comes near you they get blasted.

From the above you can see that your favorite paintball gun isn't only based on the weapon itself, but also how well you can use it.

You will need to work on creating your own award-winning strategies depending on your favorite play style, but any weapon will do well to anyone who is willing to put forth the time and effort to fully learn it.

So the next time you are wondering what the best gun is, just remember that only one person can answer that: yourself.

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