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Bob Long Paintball is arguably one of the best companies around when it comes to paintball gear that comes at a great quality, but most of the time this also includes a premium price.

This company is more recommended for players who play paintball for a living or go to a lot of tournaments, rather than the casual player who just hits up a field with some friends from time to time.

If you have the money to burn or really want to boost up your game, though, you may still want to check these out.

Although they do cost a fair amount, they are also well worth it.

One of the best parts about the offerings of Bob Long Paintball are that they look futuristic.

Long gone are the days of plain black and silver guns, and now are the days of nice designs and better colors.

For players like me, who use our guns on a regular basis, this highly enhanced look is of a great benefit for us. Not only does it make our guns look good for when we are playing, but it also makes us look better in general! Now who doesn't like that?

Bob Long Paintball

For those who enjoy military replica paintball guns, you are in luck as well.

They do offer a couple, although not many (such as the M-Tac).


Even from far away these look pretty realistic.

These are the most fun when doing “terrorist vs. army” battles and things like that because they allow you to better emulate what the real military does.

If you are someone who plays paintball a lot but is far from being a professional, you might want to look into getting some Bob Long Paintball gear at cheaper prices by looking at used paintball guns or by viewing online paintball stores.

Due to the low overhead of these stores they are more often than not able to grant lower prices than their in-person competitors.

So if you are an experienced player and you hit up the fields on a regular basis, check out your local stores to see if there are any Bob Long guns you can look at. After you do you may find the best paintball gun for yourself!

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