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Your Source for Paintball Games in Boston

Boston Paintball is a company based in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in paintball.

Unlike a lot of companies they offer a store (which is one of the better paintball stores, I might add), fields, games and tournaments.

They are like a one-stop shop for anything you need related to paintballing in Boston!

Even if you are not from the area, however, you may still want to check them out if you ever go near there.

The sheer amount of stuff they offer for us paintballers is huge and should not be missed.

Boston PaintballWhen it comes to their paintball fields, they have both indoor and outdoor ones.

The indoor one is located in Everett and the outdoor one is located in Maynard.

At these fields they host a lot of different events ranging from normal paintball games to actual paintball tournaments.

One of the best features of their fields is that they are fully set up, including things like bunkers!

From their website ( you can pull up a lot of different information on their tournaments, such as how to get more information, how to sign up for a tournament (of which they support many different ones), where they are located and the rules for them, and more.

When looking at their stores online, you really will not find much other than their store hours and location, as well as a glimpse of the inside of each one (each of their fields has a store), however when you actually visit them you will find that they carry pretty much anything you could need, such as:

  • Masks
  • Guns (and many different types at that). You may even find a cheap Angel paintball gun or a cheap sniper paintball gun!
  • Air containers and air
  • Paintballs
  • Clothing
  • and anything else you could need for a game or tournament 

Think of Boston Paintball as being like your one-stop shop for anything paintball related. Regardless as to what you are wanting or needing, they are bound to carry it or have the ability to get a hold of it.

If it is just the games and tournaments you are looking for, they can help out with that as well, leaving nothing else to be desired. So check out Boston Paintball for more information if you are in the area!

And even if you are not from Massachusetts you could still go there for tournaments with your team if you wish.

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