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Build a Paintball Field

Custom Paintball Fields

With enough land, you can build a paintball field. All it takes is time and dedication. Unless you have a lot of money set aside (for something like a hangar or warehouse of some type) you will likely be setting up an outdoor field.

Outdoor paintball fields are the best for those who have a limited amount of resources or already have the land set aside (even an acre or two would be great!).

Indoor paintball fields are much more expensive as they require big enough buildings and need lighting and electricity.

If you already have the land you are ready to start on the setup.

Whether the land is flat or not doesn't matter too much – any abnormalities can prove valuable when it comes to using terrain to one's advantage.

Flat land is also workable because you can always put up obstacles wherever you want, so either way is perfectly acceptable.

Build a Paintball Field

Now, when you are ready to build a paintball field you will want to start by measuring how much space you actually have to work with. Some things you need to consider are the following:

  • Are there any team safe zones for pre-game planning?
  • Are there any spectator areas (such as along the side)?
  • Are there any “out of bounds” areas?

After looking at all three of those you should have a pretty good idea as to how much land there is and how you can separate it. One very important thing is to make both sides about equal, or as equal as possible. You do not want one team to have an advantage over the other during paintball games.

At this point you are now ready to start setting up obstacles. Some good ideas are abandoned vehicles, walls (which could just be large pieces of plywood that are set upright in the ground), and other items like paintball bunkers. These will add to the amount of strategy required while playing on your field.

As you can see, you do not always have to resort to going to other paintball fields. Instead, you always have the option to build a paintball field on your own! This proves especially useful if you do not have a field around you or if you have a team and wish to practice privately with them.

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