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Recently I had to go out on the prowl for Cheap Paintball Guns. Not for myself, mind you, but for a friend of mine.

I got him very interested in paintballing by showing him some videos online (I love Youtube) and finally talked him into joining me in a few matches.

A problem came up when I found out he had no extra money laying around to spend on Cheap Paintball Guns.

Not a problem, I thought to myself. But boy was I wrong.

I did manage to get out of the tough situation so I felt it would be good to share my tactic with you all.

Cheap Paintball GunsOkay, so first of all it is important to know that if you are going for very Cheap Paintball Markers, your best bet is to go out looking for Used Paintball Guns.

This can be either a very good decision or a very bad one, depending on how you play it out.

To elaborate, used guns can have a great range of problems. For example, the owner may have used Cheap Paintballs in it, causing damage to the inside.

The owner may not have cleaned it after each outing. It could have dirt that has been corroding the inside of the barrel. A lot of things could be wrong. To help with getting around this issue, follow these steps:

  • Ask plenty of questions – Especially when dealing with Cheap Paintball Guns, there is cause to be concerned about the shape of the weapon

  • Meet in Person – Do not purchase used weapons over the Internet, unless they come from a very reputable and trustworthy source. Even then, you will want to be wary

  • Take the gun out for a shoot if at all possible. This will let you know how it handles, if there are any issues with the paintball feed, or anything else

Just following these three simple steps will help you solve a lot of potential problems that could be caused otherwise. It will still not guarantee that you are not being sold a dud, but it will greatly decrease the chances.

To better give yourself a protection method, ask for a return policy. This will help ensure that if any issues do pop up that you are protected. And remember, always be careful when dealing with the purchase of Cheap Paintball Gear!

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