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Cheap paintball stuff is not too hard to find when you know where to look and what to look for.

Through this guide you should better understand the methods for finding the cheap gear (by “cheap” we are speaking about the prices, not the quality!).

Now before we get into the various methods of purchasing the cheaper gear, we need to look at some precautions:

  • When buying online, always check out the ratings of individuals, or in the case of actual stores check out reviews of them first. This will help get rid of bad seeds.

  • When buying from individuals offline, you will want to test out the gear first (if it is opened) to ensure it works properly. If the items are “sealed” you may also want to check them out to make sure they have not been opened and swapped out or anything. Any seller who is interested in moving their product will be more than willing to let you see it before hand.
  • Check out any warranties before purchasing. Read the fine print and ask questions where needed.
  • Always pay attention to the brands. You will want good quality items (such as Tippman Paintball Guns).

Cheap Paintball Stuff

Alright, now that we have gotten the precautions out of the way, it is time to look at the actual buying process of cheap paintball stuff!

  • Craigslist is by far my most recommended resource. This is cheaper for a lot of items because you are able to haggle with most sellers. Also, due to the lack of fees for selling a lot of people are willing to take less money than on places like Ebay.
  • Ebay is another great place for cheap paintball stuff as there are just so many people that use it. This alone makes it a great resource because even if you are unable to find items elsewhere, you can usually find them there. You can always find paintball goggles and paintball clothing there.
  • Local paintball stores will often have items on clearance, or even used items for sale. The clearances go on because new items are always being created and sold, so they need to keep moving out the older products.
  • For cheap paintballs the best way to get them is to get a sponsor to help you out, or buy them in a big bulk (such as 20k+ at a time) in a group. Due to how many paintballs you will use there really is no other alternative.

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