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Cheap paintball supplies may seem like a very smart choice to make when shopping, however that is not always the case.

There are a lot of different things that go in to who you should purchase from, what you should purchase, and how to know whether what you are looking at is good enough.

The first step you should do is determine if you are going to be using this paintball equipment for fun or if you plan to go into real games and possibly tournaments.

This will influence your decision on whether you should spring for high quality gear or if you can get away with cheaper items.

Generally for just messing around it is fine to get the cheap paintball supplies.

Now it is time to start the actual price comparisons (as that is how we are going to get the cheaper stuff).

For the most part, paintball guns are the easiest things to find at cheap prices because players often upgrade their weaponry as new ones are developed.

Things like goggles and clothing are not upgraded as often, causing them to be much harder to find below normal prices.


As to where to find these cheap items, the best places to look are the following:

  • Ebay – this is a great place because it spans individuals and companies all over the world. The only downside is some items will run the same prices they would normally, and sometimes even more due to shipping costs
  • Craigslist – this is a good place that deals with local people. You will most often not find as many available items here, but you will find people who are willing to negotiate their prices and sometimes even take trades
  • Local paintball stores – local shops will almost always have items that are on clearance to help them move out old inventory to make space for new. This is an excellent way to score cheap items that are still of decent quality

Along with the guns and other equipment you go for, you will also probably want to look in to getting some cheap paintballs as well, but make sure they are made with washable paintball paint.

If you are like me and go paintballing on a pretty normal basis the cost of the paintballs can grow pretty high as time goes along. Cheaper paintballs will help resolve that by cutting down the costs (in a case like mine it is a huge difference).

Hopefully at this point you understand where to get your cheap paintball supplies from and hopefully you can snag some pretty good deals.

Always keep in mind that patience is one of the biggest factors when it comes to getting things at below market value.

There is always someone trying to get rid of something ASAP (and as such cheaper than normal) but it may take a little while to catch those people.

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