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Cheap Paintballs - How to Score Some!

What you are actually looking for are inexpensive paintballs, because actual cheap paintballs are no fun; they break in the barrel, in the hopper, or sometimes not at all… meaning they don’t even break when they hit the target, and that means they hurt worse than normal. 

You also want to be careful as to how cheap the paintballs are that you buy, because they can jack up your gun permanently. 

So just to be clear, I want to discuss cheap paintballs from a purchasing perspective, not quality. 

I suggest you always stick with name brand paintballs, stay away from the unknown here.

Think of buying cheap paintballs like Wal-Mart thinks of buying everything; they get the best price because they buy more than anyone else. 

The best thing to do is get your team, or if you are solo a couple of buddies and do a bulk buy together. 

Cheap PaintballsSounds really simple, but guess how few of us actually do it?  Most of us like to keep several hundred around at any given time, so next time you are with your paintball crew now actually playing, why not mention it? 

You can gather money from everyone right there on the spot, if everyone remembered to bring cash.  For those that forgot, and if you don’t mind being the treasurer, gather everyone’s email addresses and use PayPal to gather the money. 

The latter method keeps everyone honest. I am not a fan of the cash exchange because it's too easy to accidently forget and mix the funds up, or forget who gave you how much. 

PayPal leaves a simple trail to follow when errors are make. Oh, and the guy that takes all the trouble to coordinate this buying effort should get some free paintballs, right?!

Besides group buying, watch for sales at your local paintball shop.  All businesses run sales occasionally or have promotions on other paintball gear that includes free paintballs with purchase (the best place to look for these are in free paintball equipment catalogs). 

When business is slow there are deals to be had for cheap paintballs, especially if you are buying something larger at the shop.  Don’t ask for free paintballs if you are buying a mask, but if you are buying a new gun, or a load of paintball gear ask what else they can do for you.

Cheap PaintballsAlso, seek out a dozen online paintball stores and sign up for their list.  The good ones will email you regularly with their promotions and you can find some real deals here. 

No need to stay local on this one, many of the online paintball sites have free or discounted shipping on orders of a certain size.  You usually have to order quite a lot of paintballs to get them cheaply here, but that just depends on how big your crew is at the time.

So the bottom line here is don’t scrimp on the quality with some no-name brand that will end up messing up your paintball guns, or not break on impact.  Stick with a quality name, look for deals online and in the shops, and lastly bulk buy for a team or group of friends whenever possible.

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