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Cheapest Paintball Guns Prices

Where to find Cheap Paintball Guns

If you are looking for the cheapest paintball guns prices it is important to understand that the cheapest is not always the best.

There are both high quality and low quality guns. Just keep that in mind as you read through this.

The first step you will need to make is whether you are going to go for used paintball guns or new paintball guns.

Both of these will range in prices drastically.

If you are inexperienced with paintballing at this point, it may be more beneficial to get a very cheap used gun, whereas if you are wanting to get into the hobby full-force you will definitely want to shell out the extra money for a new one.

The warranty included is usually more than enough to justify the extra cost.

Cheapest Paintball Guns Prices

Now on to where to find the cheapest paintball guns prices. If you call around local paintball stores you will often find some on clearance or on a sale.

But you will want to just take those prices for now and then use these other resources. Please keep in mind that the more thorough you are on this the better deal you are going to get:

  • Amazon – I would always hit up Amazon first because they are an online retail store. This can give you a good idea of the “retail value” of the gun
  • Ebay – This is the second resource I would go to as they will let you know how much other people are charging for theirs
  • Craigslist – This is the third area which is to see if you can find anyone local that has what you are looking for. If you do find someone, you can then usually haggle by explaining the other prices you have found. Do not be afraid to haggle – the worst the other person can do is say no!
  • Walmart – Although not the best, there are some cheap paintball guns at Walmart, and we all know they have a great return policy! They sell nitro guns as well but not the paintball nitro tank.

These three resources are really all that are needed. There are also other areas that may have cheaper gear (such as forums) but these are not recommended as there are no buyer guarantees with them.

So once you have completed the above you should have found the cheapest paintball guns prices and then you are ready to go get your newly bought (or await for them to be received) cheap paintball guns.

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