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Custom Paintball Jerseys

Jerseys for Paintball Teams

Custom paintball jerseys are designed to let you be unique among the other paintball players. They also allow you to show off a little more about who you are, as your design often reflects your personal ambitions.

These are especially useful for landing paintball sponsorships for paintball teams, as sponsors would often love to have the chance to help influence your jerseys and add their advertisement to them.

When it comes to picking a great design, it will greatly depend on your artistic ability.

If you are looking for something that is “different,” yet does not require a lot of art, you could go with something like paintball clipart to do the job.

This can allow your custom paintball jerseys to be unique without going overboard.

Custom Paintball Jerseys

As an alternative to using art on your jersey, you could also consider using a paintball picture of you and your team. This is an easy yet effective way to burn your image into people's heads – facial recognition is an awesome form of free advertisement.

Over time this could lead to more sponsors, which is one of the biggest goals of most teams. Even if it doesn't achieve this, it will get your faces out there more.

If you are unsure as to what you could do with your jersey, the best way to get advice is to look at other teams and their logos and looks. Although you do not want to directly replicate their ideas, you can use them to help influence your own designs and looks.

Just make sure you do something unique – doing so could be as simple as just taking a couple of team logos and taking the parts you like about both of them and putting them together.

Once you have created your custom paintball jerseys, you are ready to hit up games and paintball tournaments. These are the places where most of your exposure will end up taking place, although there are other things you can do as well such as creating a team website or making banners.

If you really end up doing well in games and tournaments there is also a chance that some paintball models will wear your jerseys for a photoshoot, which could boost your exposure even more (especially among people who often read paintball magazines).

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