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Dynasty Paintball

Professional Paintball Team

Dynasty Paintball is a team many paintball players would like to be a part of.

They are professionals who take part in Paintball Tournaments and also have Paintball Sponsors.

This is a group who started out in 2001, as a group of mostly teenagers, and now they travel the world doing what they love best: Playing paintball.

To understand what makes them special, you must understand what they have achieved:

  • They travel the world taking part in Paintball Games and tournaments

  • They have sponsors (which a lot of teams have problems getting a hold of)

  • They have lasted many years. This in itself is a huge achievement.

  • They have their own gear!

Dynasty Paintball is a very good example of where most teams would like to be at some point. And it's possible for yours to get there too! By playing hard and never giving up, you can also achieve greatness.

Dynasty Paintball

In fact, by reading their website ( you can see their sponsors and other things. By viewing their sponsors you should get a pretty good view of what types of places will accept teams. Although you may not be accepted, it never hurts to ask.

One of the best parts about the Dynasty Paintball website is that they keep people up to date on their events. They make sure people know what is going on and what their achievements are. For example, in 2010 they will be taking part in the NPPL, PSP, and Millennium divisions!

When it comes to their contact information, that is also clearly visible on their site. They have not only team websites up on Facebook and Myspace, but also some individual Twitter accounts (not all of the players have a Twitter account, but it still gives a way to keep up with the team pretty easily – you can just ask all of your questions to one of them that does).

Last but not least, they share a public schedule of their events that are upcoming, along with more information about their team, players, clinics, and they even have a gallery up where you can see the various paintball pictures they have taken over the years.

This is a great team and their organization makes it very enjoyable to keep up with their progress.

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