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Empire Paintball is one of the companies that sells Paintball Gear.

Through them you can get nearly everything you need to join one of the Paintball Tournaments or just to go play as your hobby. As such, they sell all of the following:

You can find just about anything from them! And if you prefer not to spend retail prices on your gear, you can also get Used Paintball Guns from a variety of different places:

  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Used Shops (this is a great place for Used Paintball Guns but if you want new weapons due to the warranty and things like that, you may want to hold out on this)
  • Online Stores
  • Amazon

All of those stores and locations will supply you with various gear from Empire, at a fraction of the cost. The worst case scenario is you can not find discounts there, in which case you spend retail (which is what you were planning to do anyways, right?).

Empire PaintballEmpire Paintball guns can be found in all major tournaments, and even in most normal games.

Since it is one of the world leaders in paintball equipment, you will see it fairly often.

The good thing about this is that if you ever have questions about the gear, you can always ask around – you will be able to find someone who knows enough about your inquiry to lead you in the right direction of your answer.

If you happen to be having trouble finding others who know about Empire gear, you can also visit their website at Here you can ask questions (via the “CONTACT” link at the top of their page) and they will respond to you.

Keep in mind that different brands mesh better with different players. Some may be biased towards (or against) one brand over another. It is a good idea to get your information from multiple resources instead of just one – it will help out a lot in obtaining more factual information).

If you get into a group that buys a lot of paintballs and gear, you may even be able to get Empire as a sponsor or get wholesale prices from them.

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