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Many different Free Paintball Games are available on the PC but most of them are so different from the actual sport it's ridiculous.

Luckily, a couple of games stand apart from the crowd and show that playing paintball on the PC is very doable. Let's take a look at the two and their features:

Free Paintball Games

  • High Velocity Paintball – This is 2d but it is one of the Free Paintball Games that has things like Paintball Tournaments, ladders, and the ability to play against and with others all over the world.

    Although this game will not directly help with your aiming or anything, it does assist with learning things like how to strategize and work with team-mates. This in turn can grant a huge benefit when it comes to playing in the real game.

  • Ultimate Survivor mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 – Although UT2k4 is not free, the mod is. This mod changes the game that is normally for killing enemy players into a game where you are paintballing against others.

    This is by far the most realistic representation of real-life paintballing. In fact, the different games even have Paintball Rules that must be followed, just like the real games do! This is by far the best game there is for paintballers

There are only two real good Free Paintball Games available but between the two you can really ramp up your game. Using High Velocity Paintball you can boost your planning and strategy abilities, and with the Ultimate Survivor mod you can practice as if you are really out on the fields.

With Ultimate Survivor you can actually go edit your own maps to directly reflect the field(s) you play on the most.

This will benefit you in being able to “be” on the field even when you can't be there in person.

Along with this, you can also play with different Paintball Guns to get a better feel as to when each one is a good choice.

So let's face it – nothing compares to playing paintball in person.

But when this isn't possible it is also fun to have Paintball Games you can play as well. Although you are not getting directly out in the action or anything you are still able to learn a lot more about the game and mess around.

Not only this but it also just gives the feel of being able to do what you love!

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