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Free paintball guns are something everyone would be interested in – what is better than not having to pay anything for one? Free paintballs as well, of course.

But these two fall under the same category. And it is more than possible to get both.

By far the most popular way to get free paintball guns is to be on paintball teams.

Not just any team, however, it is best if they are a good one with quite a bit of publicity.

This is because the real power comes when the team obtains paintball sponsorships.

These sponsors will supply the team with items and sometimes even finances in return for displaying their company logo or other advertisements wherever you play.

To these companies the small amount they are paying can be earned back easily from the publicity you are gaining them.

Free Paintball Guns

So when it comes to finding these sponsors, your goal will be to hit up major paintball stores. This is because your goal is to get free paintball guns and as we all know stores sell guns.

Therefore we go straight to the source instead of just going to random others. Now the hard part comes if you are looking for guns made by a specific company (such as tippman paintball) – some stores may only be willing to sponsor a certain type of weapon and not others.

So there are many times where you will need to evaluate what means more to you: using the type of guns you want (and having to pay for them on your own) or using a type of gun you may not like but not having to pay for it.

Even if your sponsors do not give you paintballs, you may be able to obtain cheap paintballs through them. It is important to go for these as well because although the guns cost more short-term, the paintballs will be used at every game, tournament, etc. and will rack up a lot of debt over time.

So as you can see, probably the most important thing to understand about getting free items is that you will need a team.

Without one you just will not get the sponsors you want (as the sponsors need publicity and that is obtained when teams go to tournaments or play in games against other teams).

If you are already on a team, it is time to make your move and go for a sponsor. Good luck!

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