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How to Obtain Free Stickers

Free paintball stickers serve a very good purpose for companies looking to get some cheap advertisement out.

For every sticker that is out in the public, that is even more advertising space for them.

For this reason, most companies will have no problems with (if they make them) giving out free stickers to anyone who requests.

The best sources for free paintball stickers would be the major manufacturers of paintball equipment.

These would include companies like Bob Long Paintball, Tippman, or PMI. All three of these are very well known among the paintball community and are known to sponsor people.

To get a hold of these companies, you can do a quick search on their website for their contact information and toss over a phone call or an e-mail to them. Just let them know what you're looking for (the more open you are – for example, just asking for stickers – the better chance you have) and how many you are needing.


Another source for free paintball stickers, although not always successful, is to hit up paintball teams.

They often already have sponsors who would love to give out more advertisements (that is what stickers truly are) to people who are willing to display them publicly.

Going about this is going to be the same as the listing above for companies, although in this case you can also speak to teams in person.

A last resort for getting these stickers, and often the least successful, is to go to paintball stores. This is really going to be a hit-and-miss situation though, as some stores will have stickers available and others will not.

The interesting thing about stores, though, is that sometimes the smaller stores will be more open to giving out stickers than larger ones as smaller stores generally have less publicity and public awareness.

If you choose to make your own stickers, you can get sticker paper online or in most office supply stores. Then you can easily create your own using paintball clipart, a paintball picture, or even by making collages of teams and companies. This is not free, but as a last resort will still get the job done!

Regardless as to how you get a hold of the stickers you get, you need to keep in mind that the companies that provide them are doing so in good faith. Take care of them and try to boost people's views of the company that shared them with you.

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