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Free paintball stuff is something a lot of players are interested in. After all, what beats something that is free?

But most people do not know where to get this stuff at. There are actually quite a few methods to go about it:

  • Friends and family – oddly this is a resource most people seem to not even take in to consideration. If you have friends or family who play (or used to play) paintball they can be a great asset in terms of gear

  • Paintball Teams – one of the many perks of being on a team is that you are with a lot of others who have the same hobby as you; paintball. This is great because often times people will have gear you can have or can at least borrow for games

  • Sponsorships – if you are on a team the chances are you already have one, but if not these are a great resource as well. Most often the sponsors will support your costs in return for helping them advertise their business

  • Places like “freecycle” and Craigslist “wanted.” Although these are not always guaranteed to work, sometimes people post items on those two resources that they are looking to get rid of for free (or extremely cheap).

Free Paintball Stuff

The above are all good resources for obtaining free paintball stuff. Some of the things I have found on them are:

If anyone does help you out with some free stuff do not forget to thank them after. A very simple “thank you” helps show character and can go a long way in terms of making someone's day better and make them feel better about themselves.

Along with this, do not expect to have things given to you. It does not always happen!

Hopefully this has helped you better understand how to go about getting free and cheap paintball gear.  With any luck you will obtain your own free paintball stuff and get a great start on your paintballing hobby.

If you do not find anyone that is willing to give you their extras, the next best thing is to hit up the resources to find people who are selling theirs pretty cheap. Although there is not much free stuff to be obtained, there are tons and tons of great deals and low prices to be had!

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