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So we've all heard of gatling guns already but did you know there are Gatling Paintball Guns as well?

These are cool because they are fully automatic paintball guns, capable of firing at very high rates (upwards of 500+ rounds a minute in fact!).

Does this make them the best choice though? Not always. Let me better explain:

Okay, let us start with the financial aspect of this weapon. It fires as many (or more than) as 500 rounds a minute.

Think about the cost of paintballs you could be spamming away in such a short period of time.

In a 5 minute game (they usually last longer) you could have used over 2500 paintballs already!

The worst part is that especially with weapons like Gatling Paintball Guns, you do not want to use cheap paintballs! Due to their firing rate it is even more important that you use quality paintballs to keep the gun from jamming up.

Gatling Paintball Guns

Aside from the cost, there is also the issue of where you can and can not play. Many different fields will not allow you to use these weapons since they are automatic. Even worse is that most paintball tournaments will not allow them either.

Due to this it is extremely important that you check with the local paintball rules to make sure you are allowed to use them before you do. Breaking rules can not only get you evicted from the fields but can also deteriorate how other paintball players feel about you.

If you have already gotten the “okay” to use your gatling gun, you are in luck. The experience is something you should try to experience at least once. Think about it this way:

You are out in the field and see enemies coming at you in a flank position. You aim the gun towards the left or right side (depending on how you feel) and start firing.

As you are firing you slowly turn the gun towards the opposite side, obliterating your opponents. You have successfully fended off an entire group of enemy players all by yourself! Where else can you get that kind of satisfaction?

Gatling Paintball Guns

Although the Gatling Paintball Guns are fun, you need to ensure you have the proper gear if you want to use them.

Unlike normal paintball guns you will need many paintballs (thousands if possible) and enough air to last you a while (a few tanks would be good but it depends on what you can carry).

With both of these items there is no such thing as “too many!”

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