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Girls With Paintball Guns may be intimidating, yes. But at the same time, they give you a chance to go for equality.

Gone are the times when you must forcefully lose one of your Paintball Games. Now you can stand up to them and treat them like one of the guys!

That brings us on to the next thing; the similarities. Females can play paintball just as well as males can – sometimes even better.

Underestimating your opponents just because they are girls with paintball guns can cause you to lose a match even while you are trying to win.

But don't forget the humiliation that is still there when losing to chicks (although, trust me; some of them put up a very good fight and amaze you when you find out they are not guys!).

Just remember, at the end of the day paintball is just a game and nobody is any better than anyone else – some just have a lot more practice than others.


Now then, on to one of the best parts of playing paintball with girls – being able to get the girls in Paintball Pics!

This is easiest when you are on the same team as them (otherwise they are likely to be pictures of the girls obliterating you on the field during your games or Paintball Tournaments.

These may make great pictures for you and the rest of your paintballer friends (or even your team) but when your non-paintballing friends see the pictures you may never live it down.

Over all, playing paintball with girls can be an exhilarating experience. It's brought up even more if you are a guy that is looking for females to hang out with (or possibly even date) – just remember, they might be vicious!

And girls, keep in mind that a lot of guys would be scared if they saw girls with paintball guns. It is very intimidating because we have been brought up to be nicer to females than to other males. Please remember that when you go around bragging because you won!

Jokes aside, it really is nice having a sport that both males and females are able to play equally without one feeling empowered over the other.

That is one of my favorite things about paintball. Not to mention it makes the paintball photography that much better!

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