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From Manual to Automatic Paintball Guns

When it comes to the History of Paintball Guns, there is a lot to take in. Much like a lot of other things (such as technology) once it got popular it exploded to the point where it has progressed and evolved at a very fast rate.

As a direct response to this, weapons got more powerful (not in terms of how hard they hit) and accurate, as well as much better situated in terms of their rate of fire and ease of use.

As time goes along, the weapons keep getting better and better with more features.

As for myself, I clearly remember back when paintball guns had to be cocked before every shot.

This caused a huge hassle because it was extremely hard to keep shooting when you had to deal with the cocking all of the time.

Later on, it became semi-automatics (such as the first, which was the auto mag paintball marker) where you had to cock them before each air cartridge (more or less if the air ran out, you would have to replace it and re-cock the rifle before being able to use it again).


Along with this, they used to have only manual loaders, which although they worked (sometimes), they would also get jammed quite often.

With a semi-automatic paintball gun you had to be careful because if you shot too fast, without giving the paintball time to drop down into the chamber, you would blow it up by only shooting half of it.

Issues like the above are all obsolete now. They are all part of the history of paintball guns but are no longer present (at least not as prominent as before).

Now we have tons of different weapons, as well as more effective ways of using them. For example, we now have Paintball Bazookas and Paintball Grenades. Both of these are excellent additions to the paintball arsenal because they have splash effects.

We also have the Paintball Sniper rifles now, which allow much better precision while shooting (although still not as good as a real sniper rifle). Probably the best upgrade that has been made so far is the addition of fully Automatic Paintball Guns.

These are things we could have only dreamed about years ago. Higher end weapons have also become available like the Impulse paintball marker.

Now that you understand the history of paintball guns, it should open your eyes to how much they have evolved over the years. Maybe later on we will come out with a whole new type of paintball weaponry!

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