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Homemade Paintball Grenade Launcher

Making a homemade paintball grenade launcher can be a great deal of fun. You get to brag to your friends, have something others don't have, and save a lot of money while doing it!

Before actually starting on your adventure of creating your own paintball grenade launcher, it is important to know what you're dealing with.

Paintball grenades are a main concern, as you need to decide whether you are creating them on your own or are purchasing them from a store.

Both of these will be different sizes, so it is important to know this beforehand.

If you plan to make your own grenades, you will need to come up with a way to determine the size, and keep them all about equal.

Too big or too small and they will not fit into your homemade paintball grenade launcher or just won't fire.

Once you have come up with the size, you will want to get a PVC pipe that is wide enough to fit them in it. The best plan is to go with smaller grenades so that you can link a coke bottle up to the end of it to fire from.

To do this you would take the PVC pipe, a coke bottle and duct tape and link them together. After all, the only thing a grenade launcher does is put a bit of force behind the grenade to launch it.

Homemade Paintball Grenade LauncherDo keep in mind that you can always make different designs, so just experiment and see what you come up with.

Building your homemade paintball grenade launcher may turn out to bring about a new hobby for you!

Do note that although the paintball grenade launcher is a piece of cheap paintball gear, it will not be good enough to allow you into tournaments unless you can design it to the specifications of the field you wish to play at.

It is a lot of fun to build a paintball gun but it is all for the enjoyment, rather than the replacement of store-bought paintball guns.

Just keep this in mind as you go along and let it be a game. You can even have competitions to see who can create their own grenade launcher that can launch the furthest!

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