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So you want to learn How to Play Paintball, huh? If you are like me you got into playing with paintball guns before you even knew there was a sport.

When I first started, I enjoyed just running around and shooting (such as target practice).

I'm not quite sure if the enjoyment was more from the paint splatter or from the fact I was able to shoot a real gun that was not as dangerous as, say, a BB gun, but the fun was definitely there.

When it comes to learning How to Play Paintball, there is a lot of stuff to learn.

First of all, you need to learn about the various weaponry. These include weapons such as bazookas, automatic paintball guns, mines, the Sniper Paintball Rifle, and more.

How to Play PaintballOnce this is done you will want to spend some time reading about the Paintball Rules as well as Paintball Courses.

These will help you better understand what playing the sport is like when you are with other players.

After-all, it is very different running around with other players with a common goal when compared to being alone and just shooting at whatever you can find.

When you have a better understanding of what is expected during paintball games you will want to decide whether or not you would like to compete with others.

If you do end up taking this route, there are plenty of different Paintball Teams you can find in directories online or at local paintball shops.

By joining one of these teams you will find others who are like you in interests and strategy and you can learn how to be a more competitive player. As you all get better, you can even start going into tournaments to compete against other teams, as well as win prizes for doing so!

Overall if you want to learn How to Play Paintball, it is to find your own likes and dislikes. There is no way for anyone to tell you what kind of play style you would be best at, which weapons you would like the most, or even what teams you would fit best in.

By following the steps listed above, however, you can help yourself to making the most informed decision possible. Maybe one day I will see you out there in a tournament!

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