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Internet Paintball Games can be fun, yet they can also be a little counter-productive, depending on how you look at it.

On one hand, they do help with learning more about the game and various strategies you may come up with.

But on the other hand they also distract from the feeling of the game – nothing is quite like running around with Paintball Guns while firing at other players.

If you do still want to play Internet Paintball Games, however, there is one that is recommended above all others: the Ultimate Survival mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.

This game is the best one for players interested in taking their Paintball Games online for the following reasons:

Internet Paintball Games

  • It represents realistic paintball. The guns are like those that can be found in the real-world, the rules can be replicated, etc.

  • There are many different game types. These allow for playing your favorite types, rather than being forced to only play a certain one (say, being forced to play Domination instead of Capture the Flag).

  • The mod is customizable. It is possible to re-create the fields you generally play on (even indoor ones), as well as game-types that you have customized (if there are any). This massive amount of control means you can just about replicate the real environment!

  • It can be played any time. There are no limitations on when you can play it, meaning regardless of weather, regardless as to if you are out of town, etc. you can still play!

  • It is free. As long as you own Unreal Tournament 2004 (which is very cheap now) you can install and run the mod!

Internet Paintball Games

Now although the Online Paintball game may seem like a solid in the “positive” marks, it's not quite there. Consider the fact that playing online will not allow you to learn your opponents' Paintball Strategies.

You will be able to refine your own, but a huge part of paintballing is learning what your opponents will be doing and how they will react in different situations. This information just can not be gathered online.

As long as you do not limit yourself solely to Internet Paintball Games, you should be good to go. Just make sure you keep in mind that it will not give the experience you will need if you plan to go into major tournaments.

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