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The Ion paintball gun is a great type because of its ability to cut down on paintball breakage. When looking at the vast majority of automatic paintball guns, one of the biggest concerns with them is that there are often issues with the paintballs being broken.

This generally happens because when the gun is firing at a very fast rate, it will sometimes fire too fast for a paintball to get fully lodged into the chamber, causing it to get destroyed in the barrel.

As one would imagine, this is inefficient for the paintball fields.

How the Ion paintball gun is different from these others we spoke of earlier is that it comes equipped with a “break-beam Vision anti-chop system.”

This enhances the firing rate of the weapon, as well as cuts down on the breaking of paintballs by actually detecting when the next paintball is fully inside the chamber.

Until this takes place, the weapon will not fire again. And because it is run by electronics, it is very accurate (although I have not experienced any issues with it personally, you have to consider that electronics sometimes do make mistakes).

Ion Paintball Gun

When dealing with the Ion gun, you must make sure to use the same precautions you would with other weapons. Namely, do not use cheap paintballs (when we use this term, we are speaking of the quality, not necessarily the price).

Although the gun is much more accurate and efficient at firing, cheaper paintballs still have a much higher chance of busting during the firing process. But do not let this keep you from thinking the Ion gun is a good one – you must keep in mind that all weapons have the same issues when it comes to those.

Price-wise, the Ion paintball guns are in about the same range as most other casual guns. This makes them a great asset to all ranges of paintball players, whether you are someone who just plays every once in a while or someone who wishes to play in actual tournaments.

If you would like to pick one of these up, they can be found in many paintball stores both on and off-line. When it comes to automatics, these are really hard to beat due to their technology. No longer must you use burst shot for fear of bursting a long line of paintballs!

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