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King of the Hill Paintball

One of the best Paintball Games

King of the Hill paintball is an excellent game that is about as common as Capture the Flag, although not quite.

The rules are simple in this game and it requires a lot of strategy due to how it is played.

This is what makes it one of my favorites.

If you have never played or seen King of the Hill paintball played before, the rules are quite simple:

  • There are a minimum of two teams (or it can be played free-for-all) competing for certain “hot-spots.”
  • When a team is the only one standing in the hot-spot, their timer starts counting up (or down) and continues until the area is contested (meaning an enemy player has moved into the spot). The only time the counter moves is when the area is uncontested and only one player or one team is in the area.
  • The first team to a specified score is the winner.


In a sense it could be considered as a war-type game, although not quite. The overall goal is just to hold an area for as long as possible.

One of the best parts about this is that since you are camping the area, this is one of the game types that more often than note allows you to use a paintball sniper rifle. This is a good time to practice as you can snipe at your enemies that are coming to take over the objective.

King of the Hill paintball can be played as normal paintball games or if you wish can also be turned into paintball tournaments. The strategy required to play it boosts the desire of experienced players to take part.

If you do not have your own paintball fields but are looking for one, you can use one of the many online paintball field finders and ask the owners what game types they usually support. This will help you on your journey to find a field that will be playing the same game you want – King of the Hill.

And don't worry, there are plenty of other paintball players that would love to play this; and it gives a good break from the more common Capture the Flag games. If you are wanting to play and are unable to go to a field (due to weather or otherwise) there are also many different first-person-shooters you can play on the computer or a console.

Nearly all of them support King of the Hill as well so you can use them as a virtual paintball game!

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