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Great Guns from Kingman Paintball

Kingman paintball guns are excellent when it comes to choosing a paintball marker.

They have three different “groups” of weapons, ranging from the Spyder (which has both .68 and .50 caliber variants) to the Kingman Training group.

Depending on your style of play, any or all of these could suit you.

One of the more well known weapons that Kingman Paintball produces is the Spyder Xtra paintball gun.

This is part of the Spyder .68 caliber group. They are semi-automatic and are both lightweight and easy to use for out on the field.

Though the weight may not seem like a big deal, if you plan to be playing for extended periods of time it can definitely start to wear you down.


Kingman's guns are also sometimes seen as being representative of military paintball guns, in that when using them you will often use the same tactics the military does when infiltrating enemy territories. Once you add in the clothing (which is generally going to be camouflage), it increases the feel even more. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the Kingman paintball guns so much.

The Spyder is a well known brand of paintball guns and Kingman definitely stands behind their products. You will see them at most games and tournaments you go to, and that should show you that they are worthy if checking out.

Although you may not see them as being a good fit for you (as everyone has their own views as to what is best – and personal opinions should be a huge part of that so if you dislike them that's fine) you should still give Kingman paintball guns a chance and try them out on your local paintball fields.

The Kingman guns are available at most paintball stores and you can also find them online at their official website ( You can also most likely borrow them from someone on your team (if you have one) or purchase them pretty cheap off of places like CraigsList. Borrowing first will help you decide whether or not you wish to put your own money out there for them.


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