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The Kingman Spyder paintball gun line is an excellent one for any new or experienced paintball player. There are many to choose from and they range from automatics (autococker paintball guns) to semi-automatics.

Along with this, they also come in cheap paintball gun packages, including more than just the gun – things like goggles, air tanks, and more!

When looking at these weapons, it is important to determine whether you would like an automatic or a semi-auto, as Kingman makes a Kingman Spyder paintball gun for both types.

Automatics will continue firing as long as you are holding the trigger, and semi-autos will not.

Although this may seem like an obvious choice, it really isn't. While the automatic can fire at high rates, that also means you will burn through your paintballs faster (and of course your wallet).

This makes them inefficient in games and tournaments until you get a good grip on how to use them properly. The semi-auto, on the other hand, fires slower but since you must pull the trigger every shot can end up being a nuisance.


Next, you should always look for the paintball packages, and Kingman Paintball has some available. These are an awesome way of adding to your paintball equipment and getting items you were needing anyways, or you could even hold them as spares or let someone else you know borrow (or have) them.

Now, although these are a good quality of weapons, the Spyders are also somewhat cheap paintball markers (price-wise, not quality). This helps out a lot because it means you can afford to buy an entire paintballing kit without spending all of your money!

Now remember, of course, that there are higher quality weapons, however especially as a new or somewhat seasoned player, it is hard to justify the cost of the much more expensive items.

When looking for great kits at great prices, check out the Kingman Spyder paintball gun!

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