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Make Paintball Grenades

Create your Own Paintball Grenades

So you want to make paintball grenades for your games. Maybe it's because you want to know that the paintball grenades were your own creation.

Maybe you want to save money by not having to purchase them pre-made from paintball stores.

Whatever the reason, it is more than possible to create them.

Of course, to create these grenades you will need some materials.

The most obvious is probably the paintball paint.

You want to ensure you use the proper type because it is easy to wash out and really won't stain anything.

Using normal paint is a cause for disaster. To create your own is pretty simple. Just do the following:

  • Add food coloring to water and put it in a pot
  • Boil the water while adding corn starch or flour until it gets to a consistency you like
  • Put it in the freezer or a fridge and let it cool down to solidify
  • You're done!

Make Paintball Grenades

Now that you have the paint, it is time to go make paintball grenades! At this point you will need the following:

  • A thin piece of latex tubing
  • A PVC coupling
  • A sprayer (can be found pretty cheap at most stores – what you need is the type that's in bottles like Febreeze style)

Now do the following:

  • Take one end of the tubing and tie it off very well. You will want the length of the tubing to be about 8 inches long
  • Put the other end firmly over the end of the sprayer and use it to put paint into the tubing. When you get it to about 3 inches from the end stop and hold the tubing while removing the sprayer. Fold the end over in half and put it snugly into the PVC coupling and you are done!
    • Note : You can fill it up more or less depending on how it works for you. Larger grenades will explode easier but using very thin tubing also makes it work well. If you want reusable ones you'll need thick tubes and if you want one-use ones you want thin tubes.

Now all you do is throw your grenades. Never thought it would be that easy to make paintball grenades did you?

This tutorial works great when matched with finding cheap paintballs for your gun, as you save even more money and still have fun.

Go show off to your friends how you created your own paintball gear!

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