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Make Your Own Paintball Gun

Homemade Paintball Guns

Make your own paintball gun... that's something a lot of paintball players would love to do. Luckily, this is a lot easier than people think it is. In fact, it only requires a few materials!

Of course, these will not be nearly as good or accurate as the ones you can buy in stores, but making your own is about the fun and customization involved with it, right?

If you said yes, follow this guide to learn and use this information to show off to your friends!

The first step in creating homemade paintball guns is to get the proper materials.

For a very basic way to make your own paintball gun, you will need the following:

  • A bottle, such as a coke bottle
  • Some PVC pipes (you'll need two) and a PVC valve. The pipes will need to be about 3/4” so they are not too large for the paintballs to fit in.
  • Tape
  • A pump or something else to push air into your bottle

Make Your Own Paintball Gun

Now the creation of this gun is pretty easy.

All you need to do is connect the the PVC valve between the two pipes using tape.

Then cut a hole in the bottom of your bottle big enough for your pump, and tape it inside, making sure it is air tight.

Next, go to the top of the bottle and put the PVC pipe inside it, taping it to ensure there is no air leakage.

Put a paintball in the other end of the pipe and pump, then open the valve to watch the paintball fly out!

From the above you can see how easy it is to make your own paintball gun. These are in no way made to be taken to serious games or anything, but more as a way to have fun.

In fact, you could get some friends to make some too and take them out on your paintball fields and make a new game with them. Just keep in mind that these can not take the place of real paintball guns, such as a Diablo paintball marker or Raven paintball markers.

If you have created your own already and enjoyed it and want to take it further, you can always adapt this guide and slowly progress towards building more intricate ones, such as using a paintball silencer plan. If you get really good you could even make your own cheap paintball guns!

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