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You may be interested in a military paintball gun whether or not you have served in the military in one way or another.

By this we don't mean one that is sold in the military, nor one that is only available to people who are in the military, but rather one that resembles the weapons used in the military.

There are actually a few that fall under this guideline. First up is the Paintball Bazooka.

This is one of the cool paintball guns because it does exactly what the real one does – it explodes to cause splash damage.

This is by far the most realistic paintball gun available when it comes to comparison to the ones you would find in the military.

The major thing to remember with the bazooka is that it does not damage anything – it is meant solely to splash nearby enemies.

If someone is hidden behind an object, it will do absolutely nothing to them.


Next up is the Paintball Sniper Rifle. This allows paintball players to become paintball snipers. Although this one is also heavily influenced by the military, it is not really the same as the military paintball gun.

They would be about the same, aside from the way the ammo is discharged (for example, gun powder vs. CO2 air) and the weight and size of it (paintballs are significantly heavier and larger than bullets, causing them to be much less aerodynamic). You can still get a pretty good rush out of it, though, and it is my personal favorite.

Another weapon that resembles the real-world ones is the Paintball Grenade Launcher. This one is actually just like the real thing (only the grenades are full of paint, rather than shrapnel). It even attaches to your paintball gun just like the real one would attach to a rifle.

If you're interested in a military paintball gun there are a few that you can choose from. For the most part, they are all pretty accurate in terms of reinforcing the use and effectiveness of the real ones, however there are some differences in a few (such as the sniper rifle as mentioned previously).

If you really want to go all-out on them, you can even get skins for many guns that will allow you to make them camouflage – or you can just paint them yourself (which would look great with the Spyder Xtra paintball gun)!

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