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Military paintball guns are awesome. Especially for those who have been in the service before and have experienced what it is like to use things like grenades and mines, the usage of them in paintballing really brings back memories (some good, some possibly not so good).

For those who have not been in the service, it also allows for experiencing what our military uses in combat – in a non-lethal form, of course.

When it comes to the military paintball guns people are the most interested in learning about and experiencing for themselves, the paintball sniper rifles and paintball bazooka are extremely high on the list.

Both of these weapons are things that are deadly in the real-world, making them something a lot of people would never imagine messing with. In the paintball world, however, these are perfectly fine and are harmless – assuming, of course, that everyone is wearing their proper gear and is playing safely. Now is your chance to be one of the paintball snipers!

Military Paintball Guns

The sniper rifles, although not as accurate as their real-world counterparts, are  more accurate than most other guns.

These are by far one of my favorite military paintball guns due to the “perching” you get to do when wielding one.

The more you play with them, the better you will get with them; in the beginning they are hard for most players to understand due to their slower firing rate (which leads to needing to have higher accuracy on your shots).

The bazooka, on the other hand, does not really require accuracy, but is also slow firing.

The difference is that it explodes in an area-of-effect way, splashing everyone around it.

Making sure you are a good distance from your target is essential to keeping yourself “safe.”

This is considered as one of the most effective military paintball guns for use in areas where people are hiding behind objects. Due to the splash, you can easily hit a wall behind someone and still tag them out.

Aside from these, there are also the paintball mines and paintball grenades. These are fun because they allow you to use strategy (by laying mines) and throw exploding objects at your enemies. The grenades could also be used in a grenade launcher, which attaches to your rifle.

The mines come in different flavors such as : trip-wire, motion sensing, and impact. Each of these is good in different situations so learning how and when to use them is part of the fun!

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