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Replica and Clone Paintball Guns

Military Style Paintball Guns are a lot of fun when paintballing.

As a veteran of the United States military, I have grown accustomed to the different types of weapons we had available.

If you are someone who enjoys war movies, you have probably also seen some cool ones you wish you could use (I know one dream of a lot of people is to use grenades, mines, and rocket launchers).

For the most part, this is possible through paintball, but they do not react the same way as their “real-life” counterparts.

First let us take a look at the types of replicas that are available (aside from normal Paintball Guns) and then at how they relate to the real-world versions.

  • Paintball Grenades – These replicate their real-life counterparts in that you can get them with pins to where they are timed, or you can get them in a way where they explode on impact.

  • Paintball Mines – The mines come in multiple types: Pressure-sensitive, timed, or even trip-wired. The most popular are the pressure-sensitive because timed and trip-wire are just not as effective

  • Paintball Cannons – These are kind of like the bazookas but have a much higher blast radius and are not mobile. These are not used that often due to the inability to be mobile

  • Paintball Mortar – These are pretty cool because they launch paintball rounds up into the air to hit targets from above. The only real down side to these is that they are extremely hard to aim!

            **Please keep in mind that these are all for paintballing and should not be altered in any way to harm another individual. Although these are replicas or clones, they are not meant to harm.

Military Style Paintball GunsAbove are some of the Military Style Paintball Guns that are available.

Although these may seem very cool, most of them you will not use often (if at all) in paintballing due to rules and other things.

That does not, however, take away their fun factor!

In reality the only ones I can see being feasible for actual games are the mines and grenades.

Grenades are good because you can toss them into enclosed spaces or roll them into a group of enemies. As for the mines, they can be placed as you walk but you must be careful not to trip them yourself! This is especially important if you are running from enemy players.

Well, I hope you get the chance to try out some of these Military Style Paintball Guns sooner or later, if nothing else for the experience. After, go back out to the fields, soldier!

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