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Improvements over Old Paintball Guns

New paintball guns are constantly being developed. These include upgrades over the older versions (in the case of paintball sniper rifles), as well as completely new weapons.

As such, the game of paintball is an ever-evolving game that even over a period of a couple months can go through huge changes.

The truth is that old paintball guns are starting to go obsolete!

No more are the days where you have to pull the trigger with every shot (as is the case of fully automatics) or refill your CO2 (as is the case with older weapons, before the new CO2 tanks were created).

Some would view the new guns as being the good paintball guns.

One of the newer guns is the paintball cannon. These have been out for a while, both in theory and in reality, however not near as long as a lot of the other weapons.

The cannons are cool because they allow you to use what could be considered as a “powerful” gun, in the sense that they do not just fire a small paintball at your target, and instead will completely wash someone over with paint.


My favorite addition to the new paintball guns comes in the form of fully automatic paintball guns. I find these to be pretty amazing due to the nature of them. Their fire rates are constantly going higher and higher, as is their accuracy.

In the past, when these first came out the paintballs often exploded in the rifles, causing them to be more of a hassle than a help – you were forced to either run them on semi-automatic or keep cleaning them out after firing for a while.

Now with technology helping in the form of small computers, the rifles are able to determine whether or not a paintball is fully in the chamber and can use that detection to ensure no paintballs are caught inside.

Keep in mind that with new technology also comes higher prices with the best items, such as the Ego paintball marker and the Impulse paintball marker. Both of these are high quality but also come at premium prices.

The game of paintball is evolving with the new paintball guns and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. As long as computers and knowledge are getting better and more efficient, our guns will as well.

Just remember that keeping on top of the scene is going to get harder and harder as time goes along too – we will at some point hit an era where every week a new gun will be released or upgraded!

One I am hoping for at some point is a sensor that will detect wind and automatically alter your firing angle to account for it.

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