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How do they Compare to New Paintball Guns?

Old paintball guns... it is sometimes fun to reflect back upon what they used to be like compared to how they are now. New paintball players often take for granted the new paintball guns and the technology they employ.

Back when I started playing I would have never imagined an automatic rifle, nor anything like ion paintball guns or tanks for use in our games.

These exist today, however, and have even gotten better than I could have expected. Back in the day, we had to use paintball pump guns!

To take a direct look into the history of paintball, we must first understand what the rifles used to be like. Imagine having a very small air cartridge you have to swap out of your rifle after every 60 or so shots.

Then imagine having an extremely hard-to-cock weapon you have to deal with after every swap of the air. This is what we used to have to deal with!

Yet there are now fully automatics, much more efficient weapons when it comes to air, and even weapons that are much easier to cock.


Another look into the past reveals all of the paintballs that used to blow up in our rifles. This was a very common issue that happened a lot to some of us.

This also happened whether or not we were using cheap paintballs. The old paintball guns just did not have the same technology that is available today. No longer do we really have to worry about that (especially with electronic guns).

Paintball mines are yet another thing that have been improved over the years. These have gone from just being time-based to having pressure-sensitive, movement-sensitive, and triggered types as well.

Although it may not seem like these are too different from one another, that thought could not be further from the truth. Each of these was an improvement over the previous ones and allow for greater choices in game-play.

Over all, old paintball guns have gone through such a considerable change that if you are a newer player you may not even recognize them. Even more so, you probably would not want to use them; they are just too tough to effectively use in games.

Then again, in a few years we may be saying the same thing about the guns we currently use as well! That is the great thing about technology – as it advances our gaming gets easier and more fun.

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