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Outdoor paintball may sound fun, and it is. It also includes great health benefits. Aside from the obvious, which is the exercise from all of the running, evading, and chasing after your enemies, it also grants benefits in terms of sunlight and fresh air.

All of these together make playing outside well worth doing.

When looking for the field you wish to play at, I would suggest looking for paintball courses.

Unlike normal fields that just have barren land or trees here and there, courses have obstacles, walls, and other things set up to enhance your game.

These can also grant more health benefits as it takes a lot more work to run up hills or climb obstacles than it does to just run across flat land.


In the courses, you will want to find a paintball field layout that you like. This is beneficial because it ensures you do not have huge issues with the ground you will be playing on.

If you, for example, disagree with huge walls being on either side of the field, it may not be the best one for you. There are a lot of fields available, each with their own paintball field design. Some can even be adapted to the game that is being played.

Once you have chosen the outdoor paintball course you like, it is time to hit up the paintball fields.

During the first few games it is highly recommended to ignore the win-lose factor (assuming you are playing in actual games) and spend the time learning the course, the players on it, etc.

This will give a huge advantage in later games when you understand the terrain a lot better because then you can use it to benefit you.

There are also indoor paintball fields but outdoor paintball is much more healthy for you and more often than not the outdoor fields are much larger than those indoors.

Not to mention your chances of running into tanks or being able to use cannons are much lower indoors than outdoors. This does not mean not to play indoors, it simply means that you do not want them to be your main source of gaming.

Although if it is extremely hot outside (or extremely cold) or if the weather is bad it is completely understandable to do so.

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