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Paintball Air Compressor

Refill Your Own Paintball Guns

A paintball air compressor is a great way to refill your own air tanks, but they are not cheap.

The good ones will easily run over $12,000 but if you are a professional paintballer or you are on one of the many paintball teams with a lot of others it may be possible to split the cost with the others, lowering the cost significantly.

Before making a decision you should look at the following:

  • Do you really need one? How far out of your way would it be to get your tank refilled elsewhere?
  • How often do you play? If you play on a daily basis for extended periods of time, your own paintball air compressor would probably be a good idea.
  • Are you playing on someone else's paintball fields or your own? If it is your own, it may be a good idea to pick one up so you can fill up not only your own tanks but also other people's.

By having your own compressor you could also charge others a small fee to refill their tanks. It would take a while to recoup the costs by doing this, but if it is making your life a lot easier it is definitely something to look in to.

After all, what is easier than being able to refill your own paintball guns when you want, as often as you want?

Paintball Air Compressor

The paintball air compressor is especially important if you are someone who plays all the time, like extreme paintball. The benefits of having your own compressor highly outweigh the negatives.

So if you take your game seriously and are working towards becoming a professional or are on a tournament team, look into getting a paintball compressor!

If buying used is an option for you (some dislike used equipment and some do not) checking out local paintball shops, teams, fields, or places like Craistlist and Ebay may be a good option. Usually at least one of those sources will have a compressor that has a decent price.

Keep in mind that if the cost of the compressors is out of your range it is not the end of the world. You can often wait it out and find one on sale or you can just use someone else's.

The main thing is just to have fun in your game!

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