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The paintball arena is an indoor paintball field that is similar to a course. In this, there are both open areas and obstacles, with obstacles generally taking up most of the field.

This allows for specialized game play because you can set up the field any way you want.

Along with this, there is the added benefit of being indoors, which helps because weather conditions will not affect your ability to game.

My favorite game to play in these paintball parks is “domination,” where two teams are fighting over areas. Another great game to play there would be Capture the Flag.

This is fun indoors because you can make the field as hard or as easy to get across as you want, and it is a lot easier to get everything equal to both sides when inside.

The fairness is not as easy to get outside because there are usually trees and other things that must be accounted for. When it comes down to it, any paintball arena can be adapted for all of the various paintball games.


One of the biggest differences between being indoors and outdoors is that inside there is not as much wind to alter the flight of your paintballs (unless you wish to throw up another obstacle in the form of a fan, which could alter the wind inside the building and cause outside-like wind changes!).

This makes it a lot easier to accurately tag your enemies, but also makes it a lot easier for them to tag you. If you are used to playing outside, this can completely throw off your game for a little while as you try to adapt to the changes that come from indoor paintball fields.

This is especially true when talking about the sniper rifles, as it makes it a lot easier to hit your targets on the first shot when you aim properly. Just remember to adapt to the outside again if you choose to play out there!

The paintball arena and other inside paintball courses give a lot of fun and challenges to the players who take part in them. When you hear the saying “the possibilities are endless,” they ring true in this case.

You have full control over everything inside, and as such are able to change anything you feel should be different. You could even build up small castles inside if you wanted! Just keep in mind that playing outside is healthy for you.

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