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Paintball Assault Vehicles

A Twist on the Game

Paintball Assault Vehicles are something I recently ran into myself. I went to a field and saw that they had humvees and tanks! This was an exhilarating experience for me, and I learned a lot from it.

Okay, first we have to start off with the fact that these vehicles must be used very cautiously.

You do not want to accidentally (or purposely) run someone over.

These are meant to be used in a fun fashion, so make sure if you get a hold of one you remember that.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's look at the two I have experienced so far: Humvees and tanks.

The humvee was used as both a carrier (for a teammate/yourself) as well as a firing machine – as you are able to fire if you're in the passenger seat, while your driver takes you around. The good parts about these are that they're fast and they provide a type of barrier for yourself.

The bad thing is that if you are driving solo it is very hard to keep yourself protected (as you can't shoot while you drive!). This is by far my favorite of the Paintball Assault Vehicles.

As for the tank, it is just like you would expect; slow. Sometimes you can shoot paintballs from the turret, but that really depends on the tank itself.

If nothing else you can fire from the top, like people do in the old war movies. You have to remember that just as you can shoot from the top, your enemies can also hop on the back of the tank and shoot you through the top!

Paintball Assault Vehicles

These Paintball Assault Vehicles can be a lot of fun, but where can you find them? The best way is to find Paintball Fields you like (by using a Paintball Field Listing) and then inquire about their vehicles, if they have any.

Sometimes they are to be used only during Paintball Tournaments, and others will allow you to use them during Paintball Games as well.

If you are unable to find any fields with vehicles, you can always suggest them (if the field is big enough for them). With enough people wanting them, they may end up picking up a couple for their games!

If not, you can always look for another field that does have some. The bigger the field, the bigger their chances of having vehicles.

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