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Paintball Bazooka

One of the Most Explosive Paintball Guns

Do you like Paintball Bazookas? If you're not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like explosions? (non-harmful of course)
  • Do you like blasting your enemies with paint?
  • Do you like Military-style weapons?
  • Do you like holding weapons that just look cool?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you would definitely be interested in Paintball Bazookas! These are a piece of Paintball Gear you do not want to miss!

Now it is important to understand first and foremost that these do not actually “explode” like their real-life counter-parts do.

Instead, these work by firing many paintballs at once (as many as 90 at a time) in a circular formation to cause a spray effect.

The explosion that does happen due to these happens when the paintballs hit their target(s).

Just seeing this in action makes this piece of Paintball Equipment well worth having.

You do hold these Paintball Guns just like their real-world versions. You put them on your shoulder and kind of “guess aim” -- there are no lasers to guide your paintballs or anything else.

Paintball BazookaAs you get more and more used to shooting them, you will become a much more accurate shot.

Along the same lines, you will be draining your finances! At nearly 100 paintballs a shot for some of these, they will drain your paintball funds fast.

Due to this, they should only be used in specific situations – namely when you are up against multiple enemies and are hoping to hit them all at once.

Based on the previous statement, you can really put these on the same level as the miniguns or machine guns. The main difference being that you only get one shot and splatter across an entire area all at once.

With the miniguns and machine guns you are spraying from side to side.

If you have decided you would like to pick up a Paintball Bazooka, head down to walk-in Paintball Stores or look online. Many places have these for sale and there are many different ones to choose from. Just be careful – don't splash yourself with the paint!

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