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Paintball Bunkers

The Purpose - Why or Why Not Have It?

Paintball Bunkers are an interesting piece of Paintball Gear because they are meant to protect you while allowing you to attack your enemies.

Although they seem as if they would be created out of concrete or sand bags (like they often are during war times), they can actually be made out of just about anything.

You can purchase some that are blow-up types or build your own.

Along with this, the sizes of them differ greatly – some are very small and some are huge!

Along with this, some are big enough for you to enter and house one or more players, and others do not have the ability and act more as a wall than anything.

Paintball Bunkers

One of the negative parts of Paintball Bunkers is that some Paintball Rules forbid them. Some people believe it is more natural to hide behind other items, such as trees, instead of bring portable cover.

Others, especially during games that emulate the real world, will allow them because it adds a lot of strategy to Paintball Games.

Paintball BunkerAlong with the negative aspect looked at before, there is also the “splatter” effect.

When someone fires at the walls or shoots something like a paintball bazooka at the building, it has a much higher chance of hitting you because you are unable to evade it due to space limitations.

When out running, however, you have enough space to run back and forth, jump, etc. to attempt evasion.

Keep this in mind if you decide to hide in a bunker. As for their pros and cons, there are a few to go over. First we will look at the pros, and then the cons:



  • Extra cover from enemy fire, while allowing you to fire at them. Some are portable so they can be moved from area to area as needed (in this sense, even if you are unable to move them due to rules, they can create dynamically changing Paintball Fields.
  • They add a lot of strategy to the game, requiring you to use both yours and your opponents' to your advantage.


  • Some rules outlaw them.
  • As they are generally big, they usually can not be moved while in an active game
  • They are easy to toss grenades into!
  • Although you have good visibility of your enemy and they will have a harder time attacking you, if you are using an “open bunker” (one where you can go inside) they can camp the exit or place a mine there.

Overall, Paintball Bunkers are an interesting piece of gear to take to the fields with you. They have both positives and negatives and can not be used in all situations, however when they can be used they add a completely new strategic perspective to the game.

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