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Paintball Chronograph

Help Prevent Paintball Injuries

A paintball chronograph is extremely important to have for serious paintball teams. You only really need one per team but there has to be one.

The use of the chronograph is to keep up with how fast paintballs are being fired from your paintball guns.

Nothing is worse than firing your Ego paintball marker or Icon paintball marker and it hurting yourself or one of your team mates.

On the other extreme, if there is not enough pressure behind the paintballs they will not break on impact, which causes people to be “tagged” and not show it.

Paintball chronographs are also required in a lot of paintball fields to prevent injury to others.

Most fields should also be able to supply these as they are such an important part of playing with others.

Paintball injuries are still pretty common, even after altering the firing speed, but it does still help to cut down the amount by a great deal. In a very true sense, the chronograph could be considered as being just as important as clothing.

No matter how protective your clothes are, paintballs can still do damage (such as bruises or broken bones, or in extreme cases, death) if not dealt with properly.

Paintball Chronograph

As for the speed that the weapons should be set at, it depends largely upon who you're playing with, the type of gear everyone is using (in this we are referencing protective clothing and gear), whether you are indoors or outdoors, and the field rules themselves. It is too hard to give a speed without knowing all of the factors that are part of determining it.

One of the good parts about the paintball chronograph is that it helps keep everyone on the same page.

If one weapon was shooting at a speed that is three times faster than another, the faster one would be given a huge advantage in terms of not having to react as fast. It also increases the distance the paintballs fly, which would allow one player to be further away than another and still be able to tag them out.

By putting these all on the same page it makes sure that whether you're using an Ego paintball marker, Icon paintball marker, or some other one, you're all equal.

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