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So you're interested in a Paintball Compressor. They are (for those who do not already know) air compressors for CO2 tanks that go in Paintball Guns.

This makes them a very important item to have in your Paintball Equipment if you paintball a lot away from the fields.

To better illustrate let us look at a real possible scenario:

So you're really into paintballing and are practicing your strategies on your own.

This could be because your friends are busy or a multitude of other reasons. Regardless; the fact is you're on your own.

It really is not feasible to go to the fields in that situation, so it is probably better to hang back at home and do your own paintballing. You load up your Paintball Minigun and go outside to play around. After 4 minutes you are already out of air!

Paintball CompressorNow you have two choices: Either go to the fields to refill or quit playing.

And this is where the Paintball Compressor comes into play.

If you have one, you can just fill up your tank right there on the spot!

As you can probably see, having a Paintball Compressor can save a lot of time, effort, and frustration of being unable to play your (or our?) favorite sport.

Now when it comes to purchasing one, please think about following the guidelines listed here:

  • Purchase one that is used – Okay, although many people will try to claim purchasing used items is not a good idea, in some situations it really is not as bad as in others. For example, with a compressor you will be pretty safe, assuming you do test it before actually making the purchase.

  • When you start looking for them, where you go will depend a lot upon whether or not you are going to get a used one. For new ones I would suggest places like Wal-Mart or one of the many “brick and mortar” paintball stores.

  • Although not always cheaper, it will usually be cheaper than buying new ones online when you consider the shipping charges involved.

  • If you are looking for used ones you will want to check out places like:
    • - Craigslist
    • - Ebay

Once you have chosen your compressor and have picked it up you are good to go. Now you are able to fire as many paintballs as you want without having to worry about the lack of air!

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