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Equip Yourself with the Right Paintball Equipment

So you have decided you like paintballing but lack the Paintball Equipment. This is not a problem!

First of all let us look at where you can obtain your Paintball Gear from, then at some parts. Some of the stores you can get gear from are the following:

  • Wal-Mart – This is a store that has cheap gear but that is also because it is not professional-grade. This would be more suited for players who are going out just for fun or short outings but do not plan on doing competitive Paintball Tournaments or anything like that

  • Paintball Shops – The smaller the better if you plan on joining tournaments, or larger ones are better if you do not. The reasoning behind this is that the smaller stores usually have more high-grade items, whereas large stores try to cater to the common player

  • Ebay – Here you can find any type of Paintball Equipment. Prices will have huge fluctuations at times, plus you deal with taxes, but it is still a good area because you can do all of your shopping at once

So now you need to create a checklist of items you need to purchase. If you are going to do actual tournaments you will definitely need all of this, and if not you can borrow or rent all or most of it:

  • Inflatable Paintball Bunkers – These are very important for games that will allow them. They give a huge advantage over players who do not have them on the field

  • Paintball Guns – These are needed for any games when you can not rent a weapon. Even if you can rent them, being used to your own gun will make you a much more effective player

  • Paintball Mask – This will help protect both your head and especially your eyes from paint splatter or direct hits

  • Padded Clothing – This is required to cushion the hits to your body. Some players go without them and learn very quick when they end up bruised all over because of it!

  • CO2 tanks – When it comes to these, the bigger the better (as long as you are able to hold it). The more air you have the longer you will have out on the field in between refills

Now you have all of your Paintball Equipment and are set to go out on the field, join tournaments, or play with friends! Enjoy!

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