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A paintball field layout will vary from field to field due to many different factors. Learn more about the things that affect them and what they mean here.

A paintball field layout will depend more on the land and how it is set up than anything else.

Both sides need to be equal (or as close to equal as possible) for paintball games, otherwise they would not be fair to both teams.

Along with this, the obstacles chosen should be about equal for both sides as well.

This is not a problem with any professional course (such as one you would play on during paintball tournaments) as special attention is taken to ensure fairness to both teams.

Due to the obstacles on paintball courses, it is important to understand where they are and how they can be used to your advantage. For example, a wall in the middle of an open field can be used for cover while at the same time you can fire upon your enemies.

You must also keep in mind that since this is true, your opponents can also use the same wall for the same reason.

Paintball Field LayoutOnce you fully understand the paintball field layout of your side of a course, figuring out how to play against others is made much easier.

By analyzing your own side of the field you should be able to get a pretty good feel as to how the other side looks as well.

One very important thing to note is that each paintball field design is different.

Some paintball playing fields will have a lot of obstacles, and some may not.

On the other hand, some may be more open land and others will have many trees or uneven land. Going from one type of field to another is both positive and negative. It is good for you because it allows you to get a more wide range of experience.

On the other hand it is also negative because it keeps you from being able to master a certain field. If you plan to play in tournaments, it is highly recommended that you choose a field layout closest to the one you will be playing on and use that for all of your paintball games.

Doing so will greatly enhance both your skills and knowledge that is necessary for being successful in the field.

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